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Insecure Review: S4 E5 'Lowkey Movin' On'

I promise I wanted to approach this article being able to defend Molly even a little bit. I genuinely had hope that last episode would be the lowest low she would reach in this series but boy was I wrong. I was shocked to say the least at the mild spitefulness she displayed by refusing to for help Issa at all last week but I was just about willing to chalk it up to the fear of losing her new found relationship amongst other things. Although completely justified in my opinion, Issa’s approach to asking for the favour was at best flippant and entitled, especially off the back of seemingly ditching Molly on their annual thanksgiving tradition for cocktails with her brother. On top of that Issa had been making a lot of shady comments towards Molly about her self-sabotaging past, even going as far as rolling her eyes in disbelief every time Molly seemed to display any form of progress in growing into her new found commitment. Issa hasn’t been very present in their relationship for a while, particularly since finding a new friend in her business partner Candola, who’s friendship has now proven to have been conditional to her relationship with Lawrence for a reason I’m still yet to understand. There’s your balanced argument. Happy? In true Molly fashion, she decided to ruin Issa’s day of accomplishments with a public and loud confrontation. After learning that her man had helped Issa, Molly switches and decided that everyone had somehow stabbed her in the back for trying to help ‘her friend’ make this day a success; including Andrew himself. It‘s hard not to completely blame Molly’s anger to an enormous amount of narcissism and true desire to see Issa fail. The former doesn’t shock me but the hatefulness blindsided me and in all honesty I was disappointed in Andrew (and Kelli) for coddling her with an apology. Not only was she the least supportive out of all of Issa’s friends throughout the planning process, less so than Kelli who has been vocally (and hilariously) confused as to why Issa was planning a block party this whole time, Molly had the nerve to complain about having to show up in the first place. To add insult to injury, after pointedly telling Issa she wasn’t going to help, she then had the temerity to be mad that she took matters into her own hands? Just say you hate her! Not only did she call Issa out of her name several times with her finger all up in her face, she did it at a time when Issa was supposed to be relishing in how great the day went. I would have never guessed that her self-absorbed nature ran this deep but hey, look at us. All I can say is, Lord please reveal any Mollys in my life this instant because the thought of having a friend like her is scary. Their relationship has been pushed to a breaking point and I’d hope Issa doesn’t even consider approaching her to apologise, because quite frankly a part of me would love to watch Molly have to beg for her forgiveness should she choose to want her as a friend again. Nathan’s appearance is a very welcomed one for me because let’s be honest, he is far too fine not be given a second chance after the ghosting incident. He served as a calming and reassuring voice in the face of Issa’s anxiety and imposter syndrome this episode and I’m glad somebody was there to remind her to take it all in and be proud of what she’s accomplished. I’m pleased that their rekindling has been a slow burn and really interested to see how this all plays out considering Lawrence has now been confirmed single again. Will Issa want a taste of a new & improved version of an old situation or will she choose something new all together? In other news, another episode has passed and I still don’t know what Kelli’s favourite colour is. With being one of the funniest characters I’ve seen on modern TV period, I almost want to make peace with the lack of depth the writers are giving her because it’s clear they don’t have any intention of doing more with Kelli this season. In an interview for ‘The Cut’ by Darian Harvin (@dariansymone) Natasha Rothwell explains that she sees Kelli as ‘seasoning’ to compliment the main meal that is Issa & Molly’s love story just like the other side characters. I want to be able to digest this sentiment but I can’t help but still feel like Kelli gets dismissed far more than everyone else. We’re watching them begin to elude to the idea that Tiffany is in fact struggling with being a new mother and could potentially be suffering from her own version of post-partum depression. The strain her disengagement is beginning to put on her husband Derek (Wade Allain-Marcus) is becoming evident as he appeared dishevelled, short-tempered and tired this episode whilst doing his best to remain completely supportive of Tiffany’s needs. So it’s a bit annoying that next to all this, we only get to watch Kelli lie to her new love interest (played by the gorgeous Aminé) about being British because for some reason she put the accent on when they first met and is now stuck in the charade. Don’t get me wrong, when she said ‘fanny’ during that hilarious scene with Ahmal (Jean Elie) I literally spat my drink out laughing because she’s just so bloody funny. It’s just really sad her impeccable comedic timing and delivery is going to have to be enough for us this season. Again.

I promise I wanted to approach this article being able to defend Molly even a little bit. I genuinely had hope that last episode would be...

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