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Limitless Live 2022: Festival Review

Limitless Live Festival sparked a flame within Camden’s Roundhouse. A music festival intending to connect and equip aspirational talent from disadvantaged backgrounds hosted a beguile day of industry-led workshops from music leaders. What followed exhilarating performances from the most established UK acts on the scene. From Birmingham's finest Miss LaFamilia to the powerhouse vocalist that is RAYE . Limitless Live Festival provided a stage to remind us why the UK's music scene will continue to cement its relevance beyond the global scale. First up was the Mother of the Mob herself, Miss LaFamilia. One of the groundbreaking female acts to emerge from Birmingham, Miss LaFamilia started the evening off with compelling energy. Featuring hits such as Monster , and performing a fast-moving (new) fan favourite , Miss LaFamilia's infectious presence contributed to a great start to the festival. Who followed was no other than Unknown T . The moment Homerton’s most noble let his presence be known, the crowd could not pull their eyes off the stage. From first impressions, it was clear that Unknown T knew the best ways to navigate the space. It’s easy when you have heavy hitters such as Goodums and AVEN9ERS under your belt. Fixating on Unknown's stage presence, he provided the audience a glimpse of what to expect when he sells out bigger venues. Next, we have Ms. Banks: the true embodiment of being here for a good time. Stepping onto the stage in Bad B galore, both Ms. Banks and her DJ made sure to keep the party going. Oozing in dark feminine energy, the South London rapper's "girl's girl" attitude was prominent throughout her set. Performing her verses on Stefflon Don's Dip and BackRoad Gee's Nyege Lewa, her new single Typa Way , Snack and Bad B Bop Ms. Banks' lengthy catalogue exemplified why she will forever be that IT girl. Finally, we have the main headliner, RAYE ending the show. Her electrifying, soul-punk aura and incredible live band granted the crowd the big finish they expected. Instructing everyone to "grab someone... with consent", RAYE certainly had us all moving. Her verse in Kojo Fund's Check , Decline and Cigarette showcased the starlight's stunning vocal range on the night. Spectators were hooked on every word she sang and said as she gushed over her newly founded independence as an artist. She was sure to perform her new single featuring Disclosure, with an exclusive that this will be the only dance number featured in her upcoming project. The singer's confession clarified why she was featured in this festival's lineup. I suspect RAYE will use her voice for good, aligning it with her authentic sound we all know she would easily dominate. It's easy to say Limitless Live curated an evening that spotlighted the most thrilling acts within the scene. Its potential to become the new home for music creatives both on and off stage is a necessity the culture deserves. Supporting those from backgrounds that birthed both the UK's Rap and R&B scene ensures these genres don't lose their authenticity. We look forward to seeing how the platform will expand and the next festival!

Limitless Live Festival sparked a flame within Camden’s Roundhouse. A music festival intending to connect and equip aspirational talent...

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