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Shows That We Hate To Love

We love a good TV show that brings us into the lives of interesting, well-written characters, delivers a rich storyline that keeps us on our toes and gets us thinking! But sometimes we also love a bad one. There is just something about the guilty pleasure of one-dimensional characters, cringe lines, and a plot that doesn't seem to make much sense even a whole season in! Here are our picks for bad TV shows we absolutely can't get enough of:
The Flash I think it's fair to say we've been waiting 5 seasons now for Barry Allen to stop being a wimp. There's only so many times you can give someone the benefit of the doubt and the interpretation of The Flash himself is a bit too far from the comics for a lot of fans. With that being said, CW have a lot going in their favour. The plot and storylines are run almost parallel to the comics with how the villains develop, whilst giving an interesting twist to keep us on our toes. If I'm being honest the only reason I'm still watching is because I want to see if The Flash is going to meet the same fate as he does in the Crisis of Infinite Earths #8 . Plus, I'm still excited about the time Barry phased into Savitar's suit. I need to get out more....
Empire Remember Cookie's tear-jerking scenes from her cell, or when Lucious made Boom Boom Boom Boom with Freda Gatz, yes- there are four booms. Empire started off incredibly, then it kept going and going, and then we all just stopped watching. Why? No one really knows but as they say in showbiz- 'the show must go on', and it really did. The drama didn't die down whatsoever- Although Timbaland isn't producing the all catchy beats we remember so well, Fox is still producing the show. That means there is still that same creativity, cameo appearances and enough attempted murders, backstabbings and prison sentences to last a lifetime and they managed to squeeze it into 5 seasons (and counting). Maybe we shouldn't have slept on the Lyon family after all.
Riverdale Let me start off by declaring I am actually a fan of this show. I thought the badness in the first season was defendable; the occasional cringe line or hole in the plot seemed secondary to the simple "who done it" storyline and seeing my favourite childhood comic stars come to life. But the more episodes they release the more apparent it is that there is no plot at all, just a bunch of murder theories strung along for so long that I am not interested in who the killer is anymore. Also, it's a bit strange that the frequent inclusion of music and terrible one-liners is supposedly to cater for younger viewers, while the show features legitimately abusive parents, incest, prison violence and in the third season pretty scary occult practices...are kids really this desensitized nowadays? And yet, somehow the show still manages to have me hooked and keep me invested in the lives of the Riverdale teens.
CSI: Miami This one is an oldie but definitely a goodie. While I have not watched the other CSI shows, I can guarantee that the Miami franchise is the worst one. But at its peak, it was one of the most popular tv shows in the US beating much better-written shows like Dexter. What kept me watching were the incredible visuals; the stunning views of Miami beaches, the sexy and seemingly dangerous nightlife and the highly believable gruesome shots of crime scenes. The non-existent character development and weak storyline they tried to string along the episodes were the bits you wanted to quickly forward through (shoutout to PVR) so you could see Horatio dramatically take his sunglasses off before offering a declarative statement that added absolutely nothing to the investigation. Did that matter though? Nope! He looked way too cool doing it for me to care about what actually came out of his mouth.

We love a good TV show that brings us into the lives of interesting, well-written characters, delivers a rich storyline that keeps us on...

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