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4 Black Owned Vinyl Stores You Need To Visit

Whether you're an avid vinyl buyer, just starting off your collection, or simply a music lover, here are 4 black owned sonic havens you should know about.

Since this year’s BHM theme is ‘Saluting Our Sisters’ where better to start than the Black Female-Owned store @purevinyllondon!

I’ve been to this store a few times and it’s always a good experience + the staff have soooo much knowledge across genres it’s great to ease drop & get invoked in their music conversations😅

The second spot isn’t a record store, but a black-owned Hi-fi Music Bar located in Tottenham. Moko celebrates the sounds & flavours of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora🙌🏾

Sister venue to Peckham’s Jumbi south of the river, Bradley Zero & Nathaneel Williams’ spot is definitely worth a visit in the daytime or for a night out!

The third record store is one I was so pleasantly surprised by. Maestro Records is quite unassuming outside, but the range and feel of the store was lovely. Everything feels like it really does have a place there.

Whether you’re looking for some new contemporary records or old school ones, there is a lot of everything from everywhere literally so head down if you get the chance!

Our final stop on the list is the legendary Supertone Records in Brixton. Supertone is owned and run by Wally B on Acre Lane. Since 1983, the store has served many local and international vinyl lovers. People from all over Europe come to buy their vinyls.

Crowned as the store with the biggest reggae record collection in London, Supertone specialises in all things, Reggae and Caribbean music. From 7 to 12 inch vinyls, CDs to DVDs, this is the place to be!

You can also find them on discogs, but be sure to head down & chop it up with the owner and other music lovers while you’re there.


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