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FLO - Here @ Outernet

The last time I saw FLO perform it was in a room that felt too small for the rising stars. Not much has changed.

One of two UK headline shows, the London show was held at HERE @ Outernet, a recently established multi-purpose venue in the heart of the capital.

A breakout girl group who rose to fame just last year with their first single ‘Cardboard Box’, FLO is made up of the individually talented Jorja Douglas, Renee Downer and Stella Quaresma, who together make a powerhouse. With the recent tactical drop of new single ‘Fly Girl,’ which features Missy Elliot and pays homage to her 2002 hit single ‘Work It’, accompanied by a trending TikTok dance, fans were expecting big things from the trio.

Image Credit: Kyra (@FLOSDIVINE)

The group performed their entire catalogue including two unreleased songs, ‘Change’ which had been previously heard via an Instagram live stream in 2022 and ‘Control Freak’. They also performed a cover of the 2003 song ‘Superstar’ by Jamelia. Keeping in line with the sound of the early 2000s but in using a UK artist, perhaps a nod to the group’s acknowledgement that they value UK R&B sound.

Efforts were clearly made to ensure that the show was more than just a vocal showstopper, although if the night’s arrangement of ballad ‘Losing You’ was anything to go by, their collective vocal range continues to astound. Kash Powell, the group’s choreographer, who has consistently been featured on the girls’ Instagram pages and TikTok accounts, has been working them hard. Throughout the show songs were interlaced with simple yet effective dance routines and at one point the group used chairs, to the great delight of the crowd.

As the show progressed, the group came into their own and they felt more and more like a team. Renee giving a nod and smile to Jorja to close a song with a run; Stella being given moments to showcase her vocal range - it’s clear the friendship we are privy to behind the scenes, translates to chemistry on stage. They are each other’s anchor and ought to remain this way through their growth, as individually some of them often looked like they were still getting used to the big stage. Jorja took a minute to warm up and Stella felt very serious for the first half of the show, but when the jitters dissipated, the thaw brought an infectious joy and a sense of pride.


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