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Celebrating Juls @ The Lower Third

On a Monday night I headed down to The Lower Third, a shiny new venue off Oxford Street, to celebrate Juls - DJ, producer and musician extraordinaire.

With it being a year since the release of his last album, Sounds of My World, Juls called on his fans, family and industry peers to celebrate both his extensive catalogue and birthday.

The ‘Boiler Room’ style set up created an intimacy to the show, breaking the fourth wall so to speak. MC Tinyman encouraged the crowd to get involved because in as much as it was Juls’ show, it was a show for us too. The atmosphere could only be described as the girl dancing in Kaytranda’s Boiler Room video - a strong contrast to the gloom and doom that usually comes with Mondays.

We’re both friends and fans of Juls at The Floor Mag, having featured him on #NSSuperAlbum, our show on No Signal Radio. Hosted by our creative director Paula, together she and Juls created a Super Album for Wizkid, by choosing the best two songs from each one of their projects. In turn, we also held the focus on Juls’ work, with Paula and another guest picking apart Juls’ projects to create a Super Album.

From the moment Juls’ set kicked off with bass-heavy ‘Normal’ ft. Kojey Radical, the whole room was almost hypnotised for nearly two hours. The audience was led through a melodic journey of sounds, time travelling through Juls’ most notable early releases like ‘Feel Alright’, to him exclusively debuting new music. It was a beautiful evening celebrating Juls as a person and as an incredible artist.

Check out Sounds of Our World Deluxe now and catch Juls at his next show in Brighton on 25 November.


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