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Masego Album Review: Lady Lady

Lady Lady is an album about love and more specifically, the love that Masego has experienced. Masego takes 13 tracks as he serenades and narrates the highs, the lows as well as the intricacies of love and relationships which he has encountered. Through hypothetical and real experiences, Masego nostalgically recants all that romance has thrown at him and taught him; the commitment issues, the repercussions of one-night stands, flings and falling in love.

In this album we delve into the dichotomy that Masego faces; a nice guy, a hopeless romantic yet he is still a young and successful musician who wants to have. "Wanna use my fame and lay wit a model;, he says nonchalantly on Lavish Lullaby or him relentlessly chasing after women on Shawty Fishin' (Blame The Net).

The albums opener, Silk, is the most befitting title for the song as that's exactly how it sounds. It's so effortless yet so intentional as it seamlessly transitions into "I Had A Vision."

So what's the project actually about? As the title suggests, his Lady. We experience him tentatively testing the waters on Just A Little. On this track he details the anxieties and qualms of love, young love specifically. On 24-hour Relationship, Masego sonically creates a split image of him and his one-night-stand recanting and somewhat reliving the night and expressing their doubts regarding one another's feeling towards each other. If it were a movie, you'd be tempted to shout "Just text him", "Just text her". The fact that Masego was able to create this through song is impeccable.

How does it compare to his previous projects? It's pretty similar, which isn't a bad thing. Masego has always released mature and well curated work. He is an old soul and this is heard in his sophisticated and timeless sound, a blend between old school jazz and R&B. He has coined his sound "trap house jazz," which is perfectly heard on Lavish Lullaby. It simply wouldn't be a Masego album without his perfect saxophone riffs or him musically breaking the fourth wall with his comical and personality-filled interludes.

The penultimate track of the album, Black Love, is the happy ending we were all after. The song is about Masego eventually marrying his dream girl or rather envisioning how the day would pan out. Irrespective or whether it is a dream or a reality, this doesn't diminish the poetic and the fairytale ambience of the song.

Lady Lady is the type of album you have to sit with, ponder on and almost let it resonate with you. On this album he does it all and leaves no stone unturned and he bares every gritty detail of himself in the songs. Lady Lady is a great album and showcases everything that Masego is - complex, refreshing, ground-breaking and an avant-gardist.


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